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What hoard would you have?

If there’s a dragon with a kitty hoard or a donut hoard, then yeah, those are me. 

Would it kill you to source the artist?

The Dragon hoarding cheese knows where it’s at.

jessipalooza look you’re on this.

iguanamouth:  UNUSUAL HOARD commission for bezzingtons, undoubtedly the best one so far  bonus


iguanamouth:  UNUSUAL HOARD commission for flamiekitten featuring their oc and 47 birds










I have a spiritual connection with like 5 of these dragons

The teacup and saucer one is basically Britain if it were a dragon

I would def be the junk food hoarder



Praise Talos.

Praise Talos.

Get TSSSF to Bronycon

Hi everyone!

One of my dearest friends, Pixel Prism, is trying to get her and her team from Horrible People Games over to Bronycon this year.  The problem is that the cost to get to that convention is immense, so she needs help.  If you have some time, just click on the link below and see how you can help!  Every little bit counts.

One of the Family Cats Passed Away

The title says most of it.  I had gotten home from a friend’s house Thursday and was checking to see what I missed during that day.  Tai-Ling, our little kitten we found in a storm twenty years ago, passed away early Thursday morning.  My brother and mother were there with her in the end, but I was completely out of the loop.  I know they meant well, so I don’t blame them, but at the same time I now feel terrible on two fronts: that I wasn’t there to say goodbye and that we might have looked to do more for her health before she went.  She was such a sweet kitten, an avid climber later in life, and a mother of nine babies over three litters, the last of the last still being in our family.  How I wish I could have been there to hold and pet and kiss her one last time.  I already miss her a bit, and I pray that I’ll see her again on the other side.



To celebrate the unexpected follower count on our FFXIV guild blog, we’ll be giving away prizes to 2 separate winners. For those who haven’t played the game this is a great chance to get balls deep and for those who already have the game you get a chance to force some fresh sap to play with you for free.

1st Prize

  • Final Fantasy XIV (physical copy / comes with 1 free month) PC only
  • 60-Day Time Card x1
  • RPG Maker (download key / Steam required/ make your own bad games we don’t judge)

2nd Prize

  • Final Fantasy XIV (download key/ comes with 1 free month) PC only

Rules + Info

  • only reblogs count (likes will not be counted)
  • no inactive/giveaway blogs
  • would be nice if you were following the guild blog OR any of the guild members’ blogs (not mandatory)
  • international friends and people uncomfortable giving out an address will be able to receive prizes via digital codes ( i will not be shipping outside the continental US )
  • winners will be chosen using randomizer
  • winners must respond within 48 hours of being notified of their winning status or i will have to choose a new winner
  • guild members are barred from entering you freeloaders get nothing

Disclaimer ***

  • Game is rated T for Teen so if you’re a little babs make sure you get your parent or legal guardian to sign off on it before you enter. The last thing I want is some angry emails from your family.
  • PC specs, retail cost and subscription info available on: FFXIV
  • Keep your Ask box open cause nothing says bummer like an empty house

Giveaway ends Tuesday June 10th @ 11:59PM PST


Hey guys!! I have another design in the contest now! Do me a huge favor and VOTE 5 AND SIGNAL BOOST! The more reblogs the better!! :D

Anyway, hopefully there will be 5 more designs to go with this one, with different tarot cards. I just really like the idea of pony tarot cards, okay~

But yes, if you could please:

Vote a 5! Be super awesome!

Vote a 5! Get magic powers!

Vote a 5! Run in circles til you’re too dizzy to stand up!!

Reblogging for a friend.  Go vote!  Go nao!

Ever get one of those days, or weeks, or (arbitrary period of time here) where you feel like you’re on a roll and doing everything you can, but no matter how many times you ask friends to do something they just seem to pass you over?

I’m having one of those weeks.

Argh (pt 2)

So after spending the night repeatedly trying to get the damn computer to start up (and currently being on my laptop), I believe the leading candidates are either an overheated CPU or a faulty power supply.  Now, I was under the impression that when a CPU throttles itself it doesn’t kill the computer entirely.  But…anyway.  Only one way to properly diagnose the issue.

Falcon Northwest, I’m calling for you.


So I just got home an hour ago and I saw my computer was off. It started up but was intensely slow, then shut off, then had times of slow loading followed by shut off. One dusting later and a Startup Repair in progress as we speak, it seemingly works but something is now rattling in my case. WTF.